Moving household appliances is definitely one of the more tedious parts of the moving process. They are bulky, often fragile, heavy, need proper installation and they are expensive. That’s why, many people decide to hire a moving company to take care of major appliances such as refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc.

You can always count on Red Deer Moving services when it comes to making your move. While preparing an appliance before you move sounds very easy, but this can harm your machine if not done correctly.


First things first

Now, if you are really not sure how to handle the appliances and this is your first move, the best idea is to contact the appliance manufacturers or their dealers to get the correct guidelines as what needs to be done to prepare your appliance before moving. As manufacturers, they will guide you with proper knowledge of their appliances. You can also refer to the owner manual or check online. You will also want to be sure that you have an appliance dolly on hand (borrowed or rented) or be sure to mention to your moving company that you are moving the appliances so that they can be sure to have one for the move. It is important to know how to use appliance dollies safely to reduce the risk or injury or damage.


Unplug the fridge

Before you are about to move, you need to unplug your refrigerator before 24 hours of moving. Remove and dispose of all the unnecessary items and clean the refrigerator properly. You can remove all the containers of the fridge in order to prevent them from odor and mildew. Secure all the refrigerator racks before your move so they do not get misplaced.


Stove cleaning and preparation

You need to remove the racks of the stove and clean the stove properly from inside out and with extra care hence it is recommended to call professionals as the gas lines are very delicate and fragile. You can tape up the knobs of the gas to ensure that nothing is missed during your move.


Empty the dishwasher

It is necessary to empty your dishwasher. You have to remove the racks and holders for utensils and pack them separately. The important step to take is to clean the dishwasher properly.


Secure cords

Another thing you need to do is to unplug all the units for all the appliances and secure the cords on their backs with packing tape. This will help them to stay safe and untangled during your move.


If you are packing all the appliances now, then you can use them to pack other items as well. You can use the oven to pack small and lightweight items or even packing breakable items. This will save you some space and boxes and will eventually save some bucks on moving budget.