With any kind of move, there are some safety concerns for people and their belongings. Movers are very much prone to burglary, identity theft etc. This can happen either during the move or once you have settled down in new space. You can take a set of precautions by planning ahead and ensure that you have a safer move.


Before Moving Day


Start by being practical and keep it to yourself. There is no need to go around informing the world around you about your big move. Inform as less people as possible about your move.

Think outside the box and do not transfer mail to the new place until you really settle down and complete the move, and spend time to do proper organization (Organyzedu). You can easily ask the post office to hold all your mail until your move is completed. In meantime, you can have all your packages sent to your office address if the move is local.

Inform the previous landlord not to provide your address to anyone. Whoever is looking for you, they can reach you on email or mobile at any time.

Probably the most important step when moving is to hire a moving company that is licensed and insured. Do your homework, ask around, check references and beware of the fraudulent moving companies. Go for the Red Deer Moving company that is well-reputed and licensed. They usually provide great care while moving and offer a 24*7 support service as well.

Go around the new neighborhood before you move, get to know the people a bit and gather valuable and first-hand information about your neighbors as new areas have new risks and dangers.


Moving Day


Try not moving alone. We can all use a helping hand and it is safer. Still, in such cases don’t tell the new neighbors or anybody else that you are moving in alone. It makes you more vulnerable and prone to a problem.

Keep your eyes on the moving truck as well. It must be locked when you are unloading the stuff. You can also ensure that your house is locked while unloading and caring things at a distance.

Be smart with labels and mark the boxes according to the rooms rather than labeling as ‘electronic’ or ‘valuable’ so that you do not draw any attention.

Moving day is also the day for your major appliances. Here is some tips about moving them – https://trustedmovers.ca/moving-major-appliances-tips-and-tricks/


The Next Day


Change all the locks of your new place is important for your safety.

Find and double-check thoroughly all possible entrances of your apartment and get windows covered as soon as possible before any unwanted attention is drawn to your belongings and valuables. Surround yourself with people, close friends and relatives whom you trust so they can be there while you settle in.